Terms & Conditions

Little Shop of Labels - Terms and Conditions




In accordance to with the customers agreement to pay the listed charges, the little shop of labels shall supply the listed product in accordance with the terms and agreements listed below 


In purchasing from the little shop of labels, customers therefore agree to the terms and conditions below. 


In supplying the listed products, The Little Shop of Labels shall cooperate with the customer in all matters relating to the order and shall comply with the customer’s instructions.




As stated in the terms and conditions and FAQs, the price per word is £1.50.


If an order is placed whereby two individual words are put together without a space in between the we shall send an email after payment requesting the additional £1.50 for the additional word. 


If the additional payment is not made the words typed in this way will be refunded. 


e.g. Chocolate Chips is correct – ChocolateChips will be incur an extra charge for the second word 


Due to variation in fonts, we work with a style guide of a maximum height of two inches and maximum width of three inches so as to not distort the wording. 


Labels are printed to a ‘best fit’ in order to ensure wording remains proportionate. Please therefore note that the size guide is an approximation, and we try our best to ensure products fit the measurements stated. 


It is of paramount importance that surfaces are measured before placing an order, and the provided style and size guide is appropriately referred to. 


Please check all orders thoroughly before placing them.  




The Little Shop of Labels is unable to accept brand names and therefore they will be rejected. 

Brand names shall be changed to a generic alternative, with no refunds given for provided alternatives. 

Please check all orders thoroughly before placing them.



Order confirmation will be sent to the provided email on the date payment is received.

Payment can be made online via PayPal or debit/credit card. 


All payments are non-refundable. 





Due to the nature of the product, all purchases and payments are final and non-refundable.


The Little Shop of Labels does not accept returns or exchanges, however in the event of any problems with an order, please do not hesitate to contact info@thelittleshopoflabels.com with your order number and details of the issue and we shall be happy to assist. 




The lead time of our products is 7-10 business days, please do not enquire as to the location of your order before the 7-day production window as these enquiries will not be responded to. We will be happy to assist after this point. 


Delivery confirmation will be sent to the provided email on the date the product leaves our facilities. 


We do not hold responsibility for mail lost or damaged in transit once it has left our facilities and will be happy to provide proof of postage upon request should it be required. 


After the stated production time, please allow for 3-5 working days for 1st class postage and 5-7 working days for 2nd class postage, based on the selection you made at checkout.