How do I apply the labels?

Full application details are included with each order, and are very easy to follow! Simply clean the surface you wish to apply the transfer to, peel off the carrier sheet, and press firmly in place! Please ensure full application details are referenced, as we are not responsible for product faults due to improper application or aftercare. Labels are applied at your full discretion to your chosen surface.

Is it possible to add an extra word to a pre-made bundle?

Our bundles are priced to give you the best deal possible, and are therefore pre-made and ready to ship as soon as you order them! We are happy to ship additional words with the order, but these must be purchased yourself through our custom label listing, and therefore would incur our regular 7-10 day lead time. 

Can the labels be removed?

It is important to know that our labels are permanent vinyl and whilst they can be removed, it has to be done with care. You may need to use heat such as a hairdryer, and upon removal, it is highly likely that they will leave a sticky residue. This residue can often be removed with dish soap, or a specialist ‘goo remover’, but this is  dependent on the surface the label was applied to. Once labels are removed they cannot be reapplied. Please note in the unlikely event that the surface becomes damaged, we do not accept any responsibility, and therefore removal is done at your own risk.

What can I put a label on?

You can add vinyl labels to most smooth clean surfaces (such as plastic boxes, wooden drawers etc), and certain fabric surfaces (such as storage boxes), however it is not guaranteed that the label will stick as effectively as it would on a solid surface.  It is at your personal discretion as to what you choose to label, and we do not hold responsibility for any damage to the surface or vinyl once applied.

Can we wash something we have labelled?

Yes, as long as the application instructions have been rigorously followed, you can hand wash items. Dishwashing is not advised, however, whilst our labels are known to withstand the process, it may limit their lifespan.

Do you do custom orders?

We provide a custom labeling listing, alongside a range of pre-made label bundles for you to choose from at a reduced price. We are also able to offer a bulk buy discount should you be wanting to order 10 or more of the same label (such as 10x children's names). Please contact us for more details on this.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to dispatch your order between 7-10 working days, however during busier periods some products may take a little longer and this timescale may differ, in any event, we will work hard to get your order to you as soon as possible and shall inform you of any delays.

You will receive relevant shipping order updates via/email or text. Should there be any delay beyond the 7-10 day period, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

How do we choose a font style and colour?

On items where you can choose your font style and colours simply select your requirements from the drop-down menus available on the item listing.

Do you ship overseas?

Absolutely! Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, however overseas shipping may take slightly longer than our standard 7-10 day lead time.

What is classed as one word?

Our labels are priced at between £1.5-£2.5 per word. We class one word as one cohesive and correct word, not multiple joined together!

e.g. Chocolate Chips (2 words) is correct – ChocolateChips (1 word) will incur an extra charge of £2 for the second word. 

If the extra charge is not received, then the incorrect part of the order will be refunded, and not sent out.


How will i know what size label to order?

You must measure where you want the label to go carefully before you place your order, in order to select the correct size listing. All labels are made to suit our labelling size guide, however this is dependent on the word itself in order to avoid any words being skewed, therefore dimensions may slightly differ on occasion. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, and vary depending on the weight of your purchase and its final destination, with the lowest price being £1.50 for label postage within mainland UK. 

What are the font options?

A great deal of research has been undertaken to provide a suitable selection of fonts for you to choose from. Our selected fonts are based on popularity and ease of application, and we do our best to keep them updated and suitable for our products.

Gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers can be purchased online. You can choose from either an instant e-voucher to be emailed to you/the recipient, or a physical gift card to be shipped to you/the recipient for an extra £3.

We hope you enjoy your products & labels as much as we enjoyed making them. We pride ourselves on outstanding quality and customer service, should anything go amiss, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.