About Us

Welcome to Little Shop of Labels and thank you for opening the door to a world of organisation. 


Here at Little Shop of Labels, we love getting organised and paying attention to the smaller details in life, it made perfect sense for us to share those skills with you with a range of labels and products to help you along the way.


We carry a variety of pre-made label bundles for you to tackle whole projects such as organising your kitchen, bathroom, cleaning products with ease!


We also provide our custom label service where you can select colour, font, size, and the text for when you’re simply wanting to label everything in sight! These labels are not only great for organisation, but also for children's bottles, sports team merchandise, and personalising your belongings… the possibilities are endless!


A stock of pre-labelled items are available to purchase should you prefer to have us do the labelling! This stock is ever changing and evolving so make sure to sign up to our newsletter for updates on new additions.

We love hearing and seeing your ideas and getting to see our labels in their lovely new homes, so don’t hesitate to tag us in your Instagram posts!


Happy labelling!